The New Douai Rheims Bible
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    St. Jerome created the Latin Vulgate in 382 AD from the Hebrew and Greek texts.  
    After which the Rheims New Testament was made into English from the Latin Vulgate in 1582. 
    Finally in 1609-1610  the Old Testament, translated from the Latin into English in Douai, France.  This was the Douai Rheims Bible, included were the Apocryphal Books.
     From a Microfiched Copy of the original Douai Rheims; we have made The New Douai Rheims Bible keeping with the same exact text, but changing of spelling, punctuation-much of which was dictated by the a 1984 Latin Vulgate.
     The New Douai Rheims Bible was completed in September, 2011.
 The Bible with leather cover sells for $29.99 plus $3.99 shipping. 
  1184 total pages in the Bible.  
  This Bible has sewn signatures in groups of 16.
  If interested in a paper copy of the original 
1609-10 Apocryphal Books.   $15 post paid for 191 sides or 96 single pages. 
Please contact us at right for check or money order.
  Any questions please contact us.  Once the Bible Study page is complete, may contact us for further directions, or answers.
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