The New Douai Rheims Bible

  Because there was a need for the Protestant and the Catholic to have a clear and not paraphrased text, this Bible was initiated to fulfill that longing. As probably the oldest text available, for the English speaking Christian-this unadulterated Bible fits for all Christians.
  The pages of the New Douai Rheims Bible keeps the text, but changes were made only in the spelling and punctuation. The Apocryphal books have been omitted.
  The 1609-10 Douai, 1582 Rheims translation was translated from the the Latin Vulgate. 
  The Biblia Sacra pictured is a 1982 edition, used for text words not found in English dictionaries expedient to finding the meanings of misspelled or obsolete words.
e.g.  Genesis 24:22. And after that the camels had drunk, the man plucked forth golden earelettes*, weighing two sicles, and as many bracelets of ten sicles weight.
*inaures- inauris, is- earring     

Retyped from the original 1582 Rheims 1609 -1610 Douai texts.
Pages of the New Douai Rheims 
Decorative pictures have been omitted in 
The New Douai Rheims
Original Douai Rheims "Joel" in Old Douai Rheims
The apocryphal books have been omitted. Shown is 1 Maccabees (omitted)
Pages of the Original Douai Rheims Bible
Genesis chapter 1 of The New Douai Rheims
Title Page Bible completed September, 2011
First page of the New Douai Rheims New Testament
  • Easier to read than a microfish copied version
  • Attracts attention with leather wrapper cover with gold colored letters
  • Find Latin translations in English from your Latin Vulgate Bible.
  • Psalms indexing guide which differentiates the Douai Version with KJV Version 
     numbering of chapter and verses
  • Sold on Ebay and Amazon
Index Page Differentiates the New Douai Rheims Bible Psalms verse correlation with the KJV
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